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School For
Spiritual Leadership

Ministry is Calling You

CSL School for Spiritual Leadership is the noteworthy training program for Religious Science Ministry.

Upon graduation, you are prepared for your ministerial license in the Centers for Spiritual Living.  We have programs for those aspiring students who have a Bachelor’s degree for those who do not hold a degree.

The program is designed to challenge the student in all areas of study; this unique experience in ministerial training is inspirational and deeply spiritual.

Our programs are richly rewarding on an academic level and deeply enhancing on a personal level, as you meet fellow students who become your colleagues in ministry in the years to come.

If this Spiritual Path of service is calling you, if ministry is calling you, call our office at 310-540-5080.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the components of ministerial study?

 Ministerial Study has three main elements:

  1. The academic aspect is offered through distance education at the Holmes Institute, which features professors who are well-established in their fields.

  2. Ministerial Training is taught by experienced Ministers of Centers for Spiritual Living in a classroom atmosphere.

  3. The third aspect is the Practicum Program, which is the hands-on experience in every aspect of church life.


How do I apply to the CSL School of Spiritual Leadership?

Make an appointment with our Dean by calling 310-540-5080. She will discuss the program with you and review the entrance process.


How long does it take to complete the program?

There are several programs to consider. In conversations with the Dean, you will explore your options as to which program is the right program for you. Most students take about three to four years to complete their program, but there is an accelerated program available.


What is the cost of the program?

Again, there are several programs to consider with differing costs based on a number of factors. The Dean can assist you in choosing the best ministerial program for you. The range of tuition and fees is approximately $20,000 – $24,000 for a three-year program.


When can I register for classes and begin?

Classes are conducted on a quarterly basis so that the student can begin classes in any quarter after acceptance to the program. New classes generally begin in September, January, April, and June.

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